PatternUnlock is a new Cydia Tweak that allows you to protect access to the iPhone in a totally new way.

PatternUnlock offers a new way to protect your Jailbroken iOS Devices replacing the classic lock screen with unlock code a new gesture-based (similar to Android) absolutely safe, beautiful and easy to use.

With PatternUnlock, you can unlock your iDevice drawing a continuous line that passes through the nine points indicated in lockscreen.

Once installed the Tweak from Cydia, the user can specify the sequence to unlock the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

This sequence can be modified or deactivated at any time.

Here, summarized, all the features of PatternUnlock:

– Ability to enable and disable PatternUnlock.
– Ability to set a custom lock code.
– Tweak customizable with specific themes
– Vibrations customized when entering the unlock code.
– Maximum safety.
– Ability to request the unlock code only after a certain amount of time.
– Deactivating device after some wrong attempts
– Installation Guide.
– Help to customize the Tweak

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App Price:  Free!

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