Here is a new game recently released on the AppStore and created by the famous Chilingo.

It is a title dedicated to the world of football and what better way than to have a another good App on your device for free?

It is Perfect Kick, an exciting challenge, totally focused on penalty kicks, in fact you will have to compete against other users on the network and try to climb the ranks and become the best in this discipline.

Think you’re the best with penalty kicks?

Perfect Kick is right for you, a football game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

You’ll have to be a great striker who scores more penalties are possible, but also have good reflexes and try to parry all the shots.

In Perfect Kick you can review all the replays of your best shots, the controls are really simple and suitable for children.

The classic mode is not the only one available, you can in fact play the multiplayer and earn XP points every match.

The rankings are constantly updated and you can take part in many competitions.

In order to encourage the user to always be better, Perfect Kick provides unlockable upgrades during the game.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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