We arrived at the sixth version of iOS, but these iDevices are still many limitations and shortcomings, especially in the management of videos and pictures.
To remedy these deficiencies, was born PhotoAlbum – Photos Album Manager, recently published a simple Apps on the App Store that offers some great features for the management of images and videos.

PhotoAlbum – Photos Album Manager can display such content using 3 different views:

– Calendar view: the app shows the graphics of a calendar similar to the native iOs calendar and in correspondence with the days during which they were taken photos or recorded video, a thumbnail of the same media content.

In the case where, in such a day, have been taken more photos or videos recorded more, in the portion at the bottom of the screen are grouped the various thumbnails so as to be able to select the one to open.

– Monthly view: the user interface is divided into two parts: on the left side there is a walking belt that shows the months of each year (from most recent to oldest), while the right side shows the various miniatures, appropriately grouped in depending on the day of the month in which the images or videos were acquired.

– View Album: the App presents a user interface similar to that described above, except that in this case in the walking belt on the right are shown the various albums within which are collected pictures and videos.

On the right, however, you can see thumbnails divided depending on the day of acquisition.

Besides being able to select a certain album, from the walking belt on the left side, you can also quickly create a new one, possibly associating a color or a thumbnail.

PhotoAlbum Manager also has some sharing functions, in fact, it allows you to share photos and videos via email, Facebook or Twitter, to print an image, create a duplicate to be pasted elsewhere or assign it to a contact in the address book.
By accessing the editing mode from the Album View, you can use these functions simultaneously for multiple images and video, the other two views you can use it for only one content at a time.
If you want the App also lets you create Sub-albums.

To summarize the features of this App:
– Easy to use
– Graphics pleasant and well maintained
– Functional and effective
– Many options in addition to those of native iOS
Sharing Options and press
– Connection to the address book of your iPhone

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