PhotoSynth is the best application of its kind, unique, read why.
You know when a photo is so beautiful, lively and bright that you seem to be able to enter in?

From now on in the photos you really feel like you get into it.

When starting our attention is immediately captured by the word that stands at the center of the screen: “Tap to start”.
In our touch a photo is taken and moving the iPhone through the environment to capture, automatically half of the previous photo it is captured another, then another and so on until you finish making a complete overview .

The photo can be taken as well as horizontally in vertical, creating a final effect at 360 °.

The “Exposure lock” helps the automatic recognition also keeping constant exposure because a different amount of light may create differences between the edges of the images that the collage is made, but if the app could not continue automatically the view you can take pictures manually by clicking on the screen.

The creations can be saved locally on flash memory or loaded on
You can also post the view that you created on your Facebook profile.

– Immediate and rapid processing of the work performed
– Exploration of other projects on Best of Bing Maps
– Zoom, pan and rotate in all directions allowed for total immersion in the picture
– Click photo automatically so you do not move your device
– Sharing of the project on Facebook, Twitter, Bing or e-mail

PhotoSynth is really a nice app! Download it FREE!

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App Price: Free!

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