Pocket Trains is a simple game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch where you can manage the control panel of the trains to drive all over Europe with their precious cargo.

–  Useful and Effective Tutorial

With the Pocket Trains tutorial you will learn the use of the main commands: choose a train, assigns it a task and send it to the station.
With the currency of the game, Bux, you can turn on the heating for passengers and always be on time for deliveries.

At the beginning of the game you have two trains available and you can drive the train you like, but overcoming various missions, you have many other trains at your disposal, you can also unlock money, wagons and stations.

– Good controls

Pocket Trains is similar to a strategy game: select the train, then choose one or more tasks in the list and then select the destination to be reached.

The game reacts accurately to commands.

– Graphics essential, nice music

Old memories resurface!
Pocket Trains uses the 8bit graphics and then the trains, stations, and the maps are very poorly defined.

Few details even for the animation of the figures selected as soon as a task is performed.

The music is certainly lively and pretty.

In short, you can download this game if you want simply spend time unwinding and relaxing.

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App Price: Free! 

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