Thousands of women have in their purse, thousands of young children play with it and even adults love it. What’s this?

It’s Pou! It is the modern version of Tamagotchi for iPhone and other Apple iDevices: play, feed and educate your friend.
Here is a pet ready to take your attention: Pou needs you.
First, choose a name and begins to get a feel for your friend.
Pou has the shape of an egg with the base a little wider, it changes color, it should be dressed, fed, cared for and amused!
If it is too fat you need to give the weight loss potion.
If it is tired and wants to sleep, turn off the lights of its bedroom.
There are four rooms where Pou lives: the kitchen, the game room, the lab (a sort of regenerating room) and bedroom.

In all of these environments Pou must perform actions that allow it to live well and allow you to earn coins to customize it with different accessories.
Pou you always shows its state of satisfaction through the icons at the top of the screen, keep an eye the percentage of energy, health, happiness and hunger.
Extremely important is the game room where you will find fun mini-game.
There is a version of Puzzle Bobble, Doddle Jump and other original games that help your Tamagotchi to grow Pou happy. And then what? Then let your friend know the rest of the community.
Search through the email addresses or usernames other friends and enter their rooms to play with them.


Here is a small summary of the features of this fantastic game for iPhone, iPad and iPod:
– Can have a name, eats, plays, sleeps, has its own needs and you will surely like it
– Leave Pou play multiplayer with friends (Puzzle Bobble, Doddle Jump and many more)
– Customize your pet with coins earned
– Use this App is very simple because there are a few keys and 4 basic icons


Impossible not to become attached to this cute pet!


Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!


App Price: Free!


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