Pulse News is an interesting application with which you can easily browse your favorite news sites, with a mosaic interface really attractive and functional.
With this application you can get an overview of your RSS feed thanks to a grid in which the main image are displayed. and the title of the post
If you want to open it you just have to click on it.
In addition, the program will automatically download the news every time you are connected to an Internet Network, allowing you to access the news even when you’re not connected.

With the latest versions were introduced some new features:

– Unlimited pages: You can enter an unlimited number of sources using Pulse;
– Improved navigation: access to any page, and setting the catalog, through a new sidebar;
– Search including: search any site, person, brand or topic and find results from Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Flickr, Blekko and more;
– Customize simpler: an Edit button on each page to quickly customize Pulse;
– Infinite Scrolling: run horizontal swipe to read an unlimited number of stories from all sources on Pulse.

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App Price: Free!

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