Puzzle Bobble, also known as Bust a Move, has become a classic and is available on all iOS devices.
The game, developed by Taito, is to control the angle of a cannon that shoots bubbles.
Creating combinations of at least three bubbles of the same color you disappear, gaining points.
Is lost when bubbles come to the base of the screen.
The version for iPhone and iPod touch is well crafted, with graphics as always engaging and two different control modes.
In fact, you can use the touch to indicate the target of the shot, or hit him with the “sling shot”, pulls back the ball to load the shot and drop it to shoot.
The rebounds are essential, as always!

Some new features in the new version are the following:

– The new Jump Shot bubble-launching mode lets your shots jump over obstacles on the way to its destination!
Easy to use but challenging to master, Jump Shots add a whole new level of strategy and excitement!
– Other new tricks of the trade include exploding Bomb Bubbles, a Hold Box That lets you save bubbles for future use, and more!
– Includes Both original “classic-style” stages as well as challenging boss battles and innovative stages That made under completely new rules!
– Test your bubble shot skill in the Trick Shot game play mode!
– Burst waves of bubbles and aim for a high score in the Endless marathon game play mode!
– Collect a wide variety of unique achievements!

There is also the chance to play against a human opponent, via Bluetooth.

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App Price: $4.99

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