Interesting initiative launched by Google, which makes available up to September 26th available for free download on the App Store the famous Quickoffice application, an application that allows you to manage office files on your iOS device.

Quickoffice is an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows mobile devices to modify any files created with word, excel and power point with or create them, but also read and create. Zip and other interesting features.

In addition, Quickoffice also allows you to read and edit PDF files, very useful function especially for those who work, or using them to study.

But this is not all, thanks to this app you can have 15 GB of additional memory on the popular cloud service Google Drive.

Open Quickoffice, log in with your Google Account Drive and you’re done.

The 15 GB of storage will be available after September 26th when this opportunity will expire and they will be at your disposal for a period of two years.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price: Free!

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