May Interactive, a software company already known for its wonderful Ruzzle, released in the App Store QuizCross.

How to play QuizCross ? You should of course download QuizCross from the iTunes AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and you must register or synchronize with your Facebook account and then you can play.

The game rules are very simple though to be able to beat opponents you need a bit of skill and strategy.

Each player will see a screen with 9 pieces each of which contains 3 questions and belongs to a different category (sports, history and many more).

The player who answers correctly the most questions belonging to the same token / category wins the token.
The player who wins the first three checkers in a row (tris) wins the match.

If you answer three questions you exactly will conquer the box otherwise you can challenge your opponent if he answered 2 or less questions.

In case of a tie there is a special challenge.
Being a game based on knowledge, it would be too easy to consult Google to search for the answers so players should always be honest.

Like Ruzzle, QuizCross for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is free, but you can buy the ability to access all the statistics and complete information.

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App Price:  Free!

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