Rabbids Big Bang for iPhone is set in the endless space and the protagonists are the funny rabbits created by Ubisoft.

Together in a fantastic team, the Rabbids will have to fight gravity and achieve many goals.

Rabbids Big Bang is a really fun and exhilarating game and it is similar in some characteristics to the famous Angry Birds.

Rabbits in the endless space, 150 missions set in 10 galaxies where you can play 15 levels in each one.

At the beginning of each mission, you’ll have a goal: to collect a certain number of coins or reach a well-defined point.

You’ll control a Rabbid and, with your baseball bat, you will have to hit the second rabbit kicking it into space.

You’ll have to give it the right trajectory to collect coins or reach specific points.

This game, however, is not very easy: Rabbids Big Bang is a physics-based game, the gravitational force in the planets, in fact, affect the trajectory, but with a clever use of your jetpack you can have a little help to change the direction, but beware , you have to dodge the planets, otherwise the mission will be failed!

Not just jetpack, however, in fact in the course of the missions you will find ducks, cows, ufo, planets, cheese and much more!
In Rabbids Big Bang for iPhone the controls are raelly simple and intuitive: with your finger you can set the trajectory and making the right slide you will hit with the bat the second Rabbid.

During the launch, you can use your skill to correct the trajectory of the rabbit, using the jetpack and the gravity of the planets.

The graphics that characterizes Rabbids Big Bang is very simple, clean and essential; the sound effects, and in particular the classic “daaaaahhh” who scream rabbits, making the atmosphere more bizarre.

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