What other way to better express your emotions, if not using the famous memes?
Now they are available directly from the keyboard of your iPhone, iPod and iPad.
RageBoard are is in fact the new Cydia Tweak which has the function to add to the native keyboard of iOS the possibility to choose among the many Memes, really expressive and fun!
Manufacturers are RageBoard are “Cocoanuts”, the same people who developed “Celeste”, the very popular App that allowed everyone to share any type of file via Bluetooth when iDevices did not have this feature.

The operation is very simple, as all additional keyboards in fact, you only need to add the keyboard in the settings of the iOS keyboard options, and once you have done this action, clickon the “globe” icon which is located at the bottom left of the keyboard native iOS.
At this point you just have to open the new keyboard that RageBoard are has offered.

The new keyboard of this Cydia Tweak is very intuitive and is characterized by a menu where you can view the following categories of emoticons:

– 2 panel
– angry
– annoyed
– Cereal guy
– determined
– disgusted
– happy
– laughing
– Me gusta
– miscellaneous
– neutral
– okay
– rage
– sad
– surprised
– trees
– troll
– worried

Of course, the memes are sent in the form of simple images, so as to be received and read by any device!
Moreover, being an addition to the iOS keyboard, you can send emoticons from any App that has the function of writing.

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App Price: Download it on Cydia

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