EA never disappoints! Real Racing 3 for iPhone and iPad is one of the best racing games available. Cars with license, game modes for all tastes and graphics scream, all for free.

Features and game modes:

Real Racing 3 offers several competitions in which to play: Quick Race, Time Trial, head-to-head, single-elimination races, drag racing and more.

Cars and circuits:

You initially have included some cars not very powerful, but the victories will allow you to unlock new events and earn money that will be used to repair or
make upgrades to your cars or buy new and powerful cars.

Real Racing 3 includes a total of 45 race cars of prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Audi, Porsche, Nissan and so on.
You can race in the international circuits such as Laguna Seca, Spa Francorchamps, Silverstone and other famous tracks.


The car is controlled by the accelerometer, which is calibrated to measure.
The response to commands is perfect and the character of simulation Real Racing 3 requires you to calibrate good movements and trajectories.
In short, don’t make sudden steering or you will end up off the road.
The degree of simulation is still calibrated as desired by changing the help of steering, braking and traction control.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics are awesome and the best that can be appreciated on a mobile device.
The attention to detail and the effects of light is extraordinary.
You can choose to play with a view from inside the car or outside.
Generally good sound effects and the roar of engines.

Real Racing 3 is a driving simulator with great depth, ideal for those looking for a gaming experience deep and complete.

For the moment, unfortunately, the game is only available in AppStores New Zealanders, Australians and Canadians, but be careful and do not miss the download soon available in all Stores!

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App Price: Free!

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