Riptide GP2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lets you experience exciting thrills on an hydro jet and whiz on ultra modern tracks.
Spectacular graphics, acrobatics for everyone, competitions and online multiplayer.
For beginners, Riptide GP2 includes a useful introductory tutotial.

– Career and multiplayer online

In Riptide GP2 you can compete in the Multiplayer Mode against up to 4 players or play in Career Mode (Single Player).
The races available are: classic race, elimination, quick race and freestyle, all races are exciting, fast-paced and without breaks.

– Power-ups

Victories and placings, addition to helping you to unlock new events, will allow you to gain experience points and money, so you can customize your hydro jets (there are 9 hydro jets available) or your rider.

– Excellent responsiveness to commands

With the default settings the hydro jet is controlled with the accelerometer.
The sensitivity is well calibrated and your bike always well receives commands.
The most demanding users can edit from the options menu the controls (accelerometer or touch) and the sensitivity of all controls.
The trajectories are very realistic and the ease with which you can perform stunts, 25 in total, increases the playability and the spectacle offered by Riptide GP2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

– New graphics engine

The new 3D graphics engine Vector Engine 4 is truly sublime: it is fluid with excellent lighting effects, moreover also the physics and animations are executed with care.

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App Price:  2.99

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