It is not Scrabble or Boggle, it’s just Ruzzle, the new game for iOS that is spreading in the last month and if you have not heard of yet, it is really strange, because now social networks are not talking about anything else.

How to play:

To play Ruzzle not need much: have a nickname and find a challenger.
Once these two steps, the game begins!
See words, search for them, find them and train them and do it in the shortest time, in fact you have 16 letters and 3 rounds of 2 minutes each to challenge an opponent, trying to compose as many words as possible.
To do that you need to swipe your finger on the screen and compose different words on the interactive whiteboard.
You can use the letters to make words, on condition that these are connected to each other.
The matches are also divided into three levels and win the highest score.
The score is given not only by the score of the letters, but also by the length of the words and the use of bonus pieces.

About Ruzzle:


Ruzzle also offers an instant messaging service that allows you to exchange messages with your challengers. The game was invented by a group of developers Swedish employees in Mag Interactive, a company became famous.
This App allows you to have multiple games in progress with several players but in the free version this function is limited.
Ruzzle will be the game of the year, the numbers speak for themselves: ten million players around the world, ranking in the App Store has reached the top spot in 50 countries, in the ranking of Google Play has achieved the top position in 30 countries .
Should I say more?
Download Ruzzle now on at the link below and start to play!

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: Free! 

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