Scientific Calculator + is an application for iOS devices that has the function of replacing the classic calculator that the OS offers.
This new calculator in fact has many interesting features, such as the representation of graphs and the resolution of complex equations.

The complete application includes the following functions:
– Handwriting calculator
– Scientific calculator
– Quadratic & Cubic equation solver
– System of linear equations solver
– Graphing calculator (you will need to upgrade to use this calculator)

The design of the app is really simple and intuitive, it is also convenient because Scientific Calculator + is able to show simultaneously more equations together.
Some examples of equations that Scientific Calculator + supports are:

– Solving Quadratic equation
x ² + 5x + 6 = 0
– Solving Cubic equation
2x ³ – 4x ² – 22x + 24 = 0
– Graphing equations


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App Price: $1.99


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