Screens VNC is a VNC client available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which allows you to remotely access your computer!
In fact Screens VNC client allows you to connect remotely to your Mac / Windows / Linux directly using an iOS device and a connection is made via an SSH tunnel so as to make the sessions encrypted and protected from any risk to the safety of ‘user.

– “Display” mode to monitor the device
– “Control” mode to remotely control another device
– Can connect through Wi-Fi or 3G
– Simple graphical and functional
– Cursor deleted and replaced by simple drag & drop
– Support for multi-touch
– You can connect to Macs and Windows PCs and Linux

The only downside of this application is the price, but it is worth buying this fantastic software.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: $19.99 

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