Here is a new application that is getting a rapid and growing success in the international stores for its very interesting features.

It is Seene, an App that lets you take 3D photos and share them with friends and other users showing them the three dimensions produced by Seene.

Seene can allow your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to take, in addition to classic photos, a new type of 3D photographs, thanks to the technology used by the application, which can also capture the depth information and the form of what you are watching, just like the human eye, allowing you to capture the world in 3D.

Take an unlimited number of 3D pictures and you can share them instantly on Seene, Twitter and Facebook, you can access Seene from the web or from mobile devices, you can also follow and interact with other users in Seene just like any other social network.

Take a photo with Seene is really simple, just point the camera to the what you want to capture and move to capture it from different angles.

Seene will automatically create the 3D image.

The application works with iPhone 4S or higher and on the web with Chrome, Firefox and Safari which support WebGL for 3D.

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App Price: Free!

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