SessionFiend Tweak is a dedicated to Mobile Safari and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
This very useful Tweak allows you to reopen with a single tap all tabs of your interest in the native browser of iOS.
SessionFiend gives you the ability to create, edit and save a list of the pages of your favorite websites allowing you to reopen these tabs at any time.
The Tweak directly integrates with the Bookmarks menu in Safari Mobile to offer users a native user experience.
Any changes may be made from the Bookmarks menu in Safari.
This Tweak does not add new icons to the home and does not have specific items in the Settings menu.
If you use SessionFiend with Tab +, Safari will truly complete and irreplaceable.
In short, do not hesitate to download it because in addition to being really helpful and quick, it’s not even annoying.
Simplicity can be the best!

Look Down for Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: Download it on Cydia        


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