With the new update, The Sims Free by Electronic Arts has introduced teenagers!

With this game you can create and customize up to 16 Sims and interact with them, in fact you can:

– Project amazing houses
– Design for your Sims houses fully furnished
– Take care of your pets
– Take care of the gardens and cook cakes
– Assign to your Sims careers so that they gain Simoleons with which to improve their environment
– Achieve goals to get points that you can use to buy delicious items
– Live with your Sims in real time.
Your Sims can get married and have children, then you can watch them as they grow up, going through different phases, babies, teenagers and take care of them until old age.

These are the new features introduced with the new update for The Sims FreePlay for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

– Teenagers: completing the mission “Becoming older” your kids become teenagers!

– High school: sign up for your teenagers to the new high school.

You can even build your school by completing the mission ” Higher Education” at level 24 and live a life full of fame and wealth completing the quest “The Way of fame” at level 25.

The Sims ™ FreePlay for iPhone and other iOS devices is getting ready for Halloween!

New Ghosts are invading the city!

Complete the mission “The Great Escape Ghosts” at level 10 no later than November 1st to unlock new items and spooky costumes.

Want a new family member? Use your phone to adopt a preteen or teenager.

In short, a whole new virtual life is waiting for you!

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App Price: Free! 

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