Skyfire Browser for iOS is able to support all major Web technologies, including Flash, through an ingenious idea of its authors.
Good speed of loading pages and convenient start-page.

Skyfire is a web browser that supports dynamic content such as Flash, Java, Ajax, and more.
In addition, Skyfire provides full support for streaming audio and video.
In a nutshell you can watch a video on YouTube or any other web page without any additional plugin.

How is it possible if the iPhone does not support Flash?
Manufacturers of Skyfire use an alternative route to view this content: after locating the video in Flash, the software sends a request to the Skyfire servers, then they encode the video in HTML5 and re-send to the browser for playback.

Skyfire is intuitive.
The page rendering is fast and zoom optimizes the focusing or reducing navigation at your discretion the visible area of the screen.
Next to the address bar you can see a field to quickly start a search on Google, Wikipedia or major video portals.
The card management is simple and is similar to Safari.
Skyfire also allows the sharing of web content via email, Facebook or Twitter.


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App Price: $2.99


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