SmartSync for Facebook is an excellent free application that will allow you to constantly sync your address book with Facebook contacts, adding photos, status, address and date of birth of your friends directly in the address book of your iOS device, with ease.
With this powerful application, you can then take all the information of your contacts from Facebook.
Not only the names and photographs, all of the essential data and to remember will be updated and quickly inserted into standard applications on your phone.
Birthdays, anniversaries and special events will not escape more memory.
When you finish synchronization you can see a screen where you can view the log of work, resolve conflicts between multiple contacts or selected for each contact information you want to synchronize.
For the contacts that you are not getting the consideration on Facebook you can also perform a manual search.

The application has the following key features:
– Synchronize your contacts and their information with Facebook
– Set an optional list and birthday reminder
– Privacy guaranteed
– Support for iCloud / Exchange / Google Sync

SmartSync uses the most common synchronization services as a backup.
In fact supported iCloud, Exchange and Google Sync.
An easy way to exploit the popular social network and integrate effectively with their daily lives, using the information provided by your friends.

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App Price: Free!

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