Do you want to delete all SMS automatically saved on your iPhone, iPod or iPad?
Without of SMSOptions Pro you are forced to eliminate one by one, but with this Tweak which improves the experience of using standard SMS application and, in particular, the deletion of messages.
As you know, in fact, on iOS you can not delete with a single tap all messages received.
The this Tweak adds a new menu in the Settings application, specifically in the Preference Loader, allowing you to enable and disable the operation of this Tweak and also to manage the few but useful options of SMSOptions Pro.

With this Tweak you can in fact delete individual messages received but also enable mode, “Private” to hide some messages with a single tap.
The third and last option introduced by SMSOption Pro is the possibility to set an automatic reply to messages when you are busy and can not respond personally to messages you receive.

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