Do you remember when color screens on mobile phones there were no?
When there were only phones with buttons and their weight was huge?
Those were the days of Snake, the great snake game world’s most famous.
If you want to relive those moments downloaded “Snake ’97“, a true emulator of old mobile phones.

Snake ’97 features:
– The controls are identical to the classical
– The sound effects are original
– 9 original levels and 3 difficulty levels with extra
– 4 classic game modes (5110, 3210, 8210, 8850)
– Gameplay XL (play Snake in full screen on your device)
– Full support for iPad
– Scores that can not be reset (just like in the original version)
– (Optional) international rankings with Game Center

APPLICATION FOR IPHONE # 1 in : Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Finland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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App Price: Free Version or $0.99 Full Version

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