Sniper Shooter by Fun Games for Free is an application that will let you live exciting missions in the role of a sniper, ready to fire with extreme precision to the victims.

Although the genre has now tested and seen in the AppStore, this game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is very funny and well done.
If to this we consider that it is a free game, you should download it to spend time having fun.

The game view in each stage is always the same: a rifle sight with which you can observe the external situation.

Your goal will be to rotate the device from side to side to move the camera and track as soon as possible, your target.

If initially it will be a simple task but after some missions, track and aim at the target will be a difficult task.

On the screen of your iPhone, in fact, will appear more and more targets, in addition, they can also move and it will be increasingly difficult to kill your victims.

Sniper Shooter also has a nice graphics, but the gameplay used is similar to many other members of this kind.

The victims, targets and more generally the shapes on the screen, are stick figures.

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App Price: Free!

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