Many of you have surely heard of WhatsApp, it is an application for your iPhone (other smart phones) that lets you keep in touch with your friends and favorite contacts.
The application is divided into 5 main sections:

Favorites: Here you can select your favorite contacts and access to chat with them, and you can invite those who have not yet registered for this application.
State: In this section you describe your availability status, you can choose between already been set (“sleeping”, “low battery”, “In a meeting”, “at work”, etc …) but you can customize your I was writing anything.
Contact: here simply to access numbers in your address book.
Chat: This is the main section of the application, where you can converse with each of your friends, or even create groups to talk together.
Settings: From this section you can view the details of your current version WhatsApp, access help online, set up your profile and your chat, including the background and many other options.

This app is better with Quick Reply for WhatsApp !

In conclusion, WhatsApp is an excellent application, which offers convenience and efficiency at the same time, VERY RECOMMENDED!

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