The AppStore Team has awarded Solitaire Blitz as “Best Game of the Week“.
This game for iPhone, iPod and iPad is a card game, different from the usual ones, in fact you have to quickly match the cards to complete the deck in 60 seconds and collect treasures to win challenges against your friends.
Solitaire Blitz is characterized by a pleasant graphics, many funny characters and environments that will make your underwater adventure really funny and beautiful.
Completing challenges, you have access to new levels and great bonuses that you can earn thanks to wins and points records.

The game is clearly inspired by the famous “The Little Mermaid“, in fact in Solitaire Blitz you can see characters such as Pearl, the worm Otis, Noodles (the octopus) and many other characters who will guide you to complete the levels in this game, as well to give you large bonuses.
Another interesting feauture of this App is the complete integration with the iOS Game Center and Social Networks like Facebook, so you can play with your friends and comparing your scores.
Getting higher and higher scores, earn upgrades and other tools to achieve extremely high scores.
Solitaire Blitz is then a simple but colorful  and Free game, great for entertaining adults and children!

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App Price: Free!

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