SpeedTest.net is a very useful application for your devices, it lets you view the actual speed of the connection it is connected to the iPhone (Edge, 3G or WiFi).
To start the test, simply open the application, it will show you just a button that says “begin test”, click on it, of course:
The test shows:
– Ping: it measures the time, in milliseconds, used by one or more ICMP packets to reach another computer or server on the network, be it Internet or LAN and go back to the origin;
– Download Speed: the speed with which you can download packages;
– Upload Speed: the speed with which you can send packets.
In the “Tools” you can change the unit of measure (Kbps, Mbps or kB / s), view your IP (internal and external) and the coordinates of your location.
In the “Results” section you can see the list of all tests carried out so far.
In my opinion is the best application to test the connection speed: recommended app!

App Price: Free !      

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