Has been released on the App Store the sequel to the hit puzzle game developed by Mediocre in which your mission will be again to extinguish fires on the planet Titan, it’s Sprinkle Island!

In a not too distant future, a spacecraft dedicated to the collection of waste has lost its way and burning waste have fallen back on the beautiful islands of the planet Titan.

The villages of innocent people are burning and only you can help them by using the touchscreen controls of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control a water cannon to extinguish the flames.

Of course not always be easy because some of them will be difficult to achieve, so you have to solve the puzzle by regulating the flow of water by resorting to obstacles, buttons and elevators to save Titan and its inhabitants.

The game offers four different islands for a total of 60 levels, but one of the most interesting and valuable feauture of Sprinkle Island is certainly the physics of water.

In addition to the physics of the water, Sprinkle Island is also characterized by a 2D graphics with 3D elements that make the gaming experience extremely enjoyable, thanks to a cartoon style.

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App Price:  Free!

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