Stickman Tennis is a very special tennis game with a particular and exciting gameplay that will allow you to play thrilling matches on the most famous and spectacular courts in the world.

The game is available for all iDevices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).
Stickman Tennis is characterized by very simple controls, but you can beat your opponents by making the best shots of this sport such as top spin, slices, lobs, diagonal shots and others, you can also decide whether to play with manual or automatic controls.

The game modes are really many, including quick game or seasonal tour, where you can compete against 100 opponents.

Thanks to your victories will win trophies and prizes, and will climb up the world rankings of the best tennis players. Can you be the best?

Among the options you can change game play duration (short or complete sets), and set the difficulty level (easy, medium and hard).

If you find it too difficult, Stickman Tennis allows you to go back in time and replay the last point.
Is also available the Multiplayer mode where you can compare your scores with those achieved by your friends.

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App Price:  $0.99

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