SugarSync offers you  free online space to store all your files.
It syncs with any computer, smartphone, and sharing options are very complete and customizable.

SugarSync is an online storage service that runs beautifully with any operating system and mobile.
You can create a document on your Mac in your office, correct nextly it from your home PC, check it one last time from your iPhone and get it to your customers via iPad, all this is really amazing and achievable without the use of any device or USB other physical databases !

When you edit a file, in fact, SugarSync synchronizes immediately with the copy on your online space.
When you open it on another device, then the file version will be the last, and not run the risk to end up with a dozen different copies of the same document.

A feature of SugarSync particularly appetizing for those who use iPhone (or iPad) is the ability to access files stored online directly from your application editing of texts (such as Quickoffice Connect or DocumentsToGo).
After you modify a file, all changes are automatically synchronized on the cloud, without any intermediate steps.

Of course, each platform has its own clients SugarSync, thanks to which you can add, delete and edit all your files.
To share any file, the service allows you to generate public links to be sent via email or post to social networks and create common folders with customizable access permissions.
From exceptional interface you can manage everything in a few clicks, even if the iPhone version has some limitations compared to the clients for PC and Mac.

Of SugarSync (very good alternative to Dropbox) is really interesting is the ease of use and flexibility.
The 5 GB free plan and those that require payment by 5, 30, 60, 100 and 250 GB allow you to choose the solution that best suits your needs, evitandoti to pay for a lot of space on the network that you never use .

You can share all types of files without restrictions: music, pictures, videos, games, zip, rar, dwg, pdf, html, xml, ppt, doc … well, really everyone!

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App Price: Free!

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