If what you are looking for is an App that is amazing, intuitive and easy to use, TapFX is for you!
With this fantastic app dedicated to photomontages and adjustments you can choose among more than 100 effects to apply to your images.

As I mentioned earlier, TapFX is very intuitive and offers an excellent graphics and a minimal menu:

– Move: with this option you can adjust the portion to be changed, but if you want you can operate on the entire image imported. This section also includes the following options: “scale” and “rotate“.

– Layers: like all software of some importance, TapFX working with layers, in order to facilitate the management of the effects for each type of user, from beginner to expert.

– Opacity: here you can set the light color, contrast and other lighting options.

– Effects: this is the most interesting section of the App, in fact, from here you can select many effects to be applied between the available ones:

– Light Bursts
– Stars and Comets
– Color Streams
– Fire and Bokeh Effects
– Decorations
– Planes
– Cash, Coins and Poker Chips
– Abstract Images
– Tribal Signs
– Birds
– Butterflies
– Doves
– Water Splashes
– Spider Webs
– Flowers
– Petals
– So Much More …

All actions are doing, you can go back with the appropriate button called “Undo” and any effect applied can be individually deleted.
Another feature of TapFX certainly important is the ability to display in a small box at the bottom left of the screen the original image without any effects applied, so as to see the actual changes.

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App Price: Free!

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