TaskMaster is a new tweak that allows you to place widgets in the Home page normally intended to Spotlight.

The quick search function and system-wide will still work, but when you will not have to do research, you can use one of the widgets supported by TaskMaster.

At the top of the screen TaskMaster adds music controls and a specific widget for the music that’s playing with a lot of information about the current track, artists and albums.

At the center, then, there is a second widget that allows you to change the brightness level of the display and the volume control.
On the downside, this Cydia Tweak adds shortcuts toggles to manage some functions of the operating system (turn on / off WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, etc.).

Finally, at the bottom there is also an interface summary showing all the technical information of your iPhone and a Quick Compose to write a quick tweet, one Facebook status, an email or a message with a tap.

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App Price:  1.99$

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