Temple Run 2 is the sequel of the game that has been a huge success and was first in all the rankings in the world with over 170 million downloads.
Same gameplay with graphics settings and even more spectacular.
If you are already an Indiana Jones, you can not miss Temple Run 2: an improved version of the first chapter, more fluid and exciting.

In Temple Run 2 you are chased by a big ape, rather than many small primates, but no matter, run!
You’ll have to avoid obstacles, turn the corners, jumping ravines and collect as many coins as possible.
The controls of are based on the touch screen, which you use to jump, glide and turn, but also accelerometer, which is essential to move to the right or to the left of the path.

The Temple Run 2 gameplay remains practically unchanged, and the first thing that jumps to the eye is the improved graphics and new environments, including climbs, descents, and other new obstacles.

With the exception of some new characters and some upgrades (purchased with coins in game), the other most important new features of the game are hanging rope and carts on the rails that you will find along the way.
Like its predecessor allows you to collect coins to be spent to upgrade your character’s skills and unlock various upgrades.
Each skill has different “levels” of update that become more and more expensive.
Besides skills, each character has a special ability for sale, with green gems.
For some updates and improvements you have to pay, and with real money!

– Great graphics improved
– Distinction most difficult obstacles
– Controls unchanged
– Added new obstacles and new characters

iPhone-up is also pleased to present the tricks of this game:

–  Free Coins: to get 250 free coins you just follow the profile of the game Temple Run 2 on Twitter.
Once inside the store section you must click on “Get Free Stuff” and follow the game on Twitter!

– Free Gems: say “i like” on the Temple Run 2 Facebook page.
As above for coins, revenue in the shop section and click on Facebook !

In this video you can see the solution to have infinite coins, without having a Jailbroken iDevice:

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