Has just been released on the AppStore a new edition of Temple Run called “Temple Run: Oz“, developed in collaboration with Disney, on the occasion of the last successful film “Oz the Great and Powerful
Imangi Studios and Disney have collaborated to create a new title inspired by the famous Temple Run 2 and the film “Oz the Great and Powerful“, achieving an excellent result, with the gameplay of the game and graphics inspired by the movie.

This version of Temple Run in fact, retains the same gameplay but includes some elements inspired by Disney film, such as the ability of the hero to fly with a colorful balloon and even more angry apes!

You will be Oz, pledged to get rid of the flying monkeys turning, jumping and sliding through the streets of a magic land characterized by the famous and unforgettable yellow bricks.

The aim is of course to run as far as possible, trying to overcome previous records, but the most interesting aspect of the title is surely the environments inspired by the movie, that you can explore during your race.
Also remains the possibility to earn money and to explore the various regions of Oz lands just follow the signs that you will find along the way.

All the environments are randomly generated and they will change while you’re running away from the aggressive monkeys.

Each week will propose you developers many challenges in which you can race against your friends and overcome their scores.
Finally, once you have downloaded Temple Run: Oz, you will get 1,500 coins completely free of charge!

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App Price: $0.99

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