The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself is the new Free App for iDevices that will transform you into real terrifying zombies!
If you love this world-famous television series The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself is what you need!
At the start of the App you can choose to take a new picture or choose one from the camera roll of your iPhone iPad or iPod.
Once you have done this step you have to try to match the help shape that is shown to achieve a better end result.
At this point, you choose how to customize the best transformation and get the monster of your choice!
At your disposal there are different sets of parameters, such as the eyes, mouth, and many other accessories colorful and
As a final step you can color the picture adapting the brightness and contrast with effects preset.
Finished editing The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself allows you to share the terrifying monster that you have created with your friends, postandolo on Facebook or Twitter, or send it by e-mail.
Of course you can download the media file in the camera roll of your iDevices.
The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself is very similar to the famous Zombify, another fantastic App for iPhone iPad and iPod.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: Free!

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