Thor: The Dark World is the official game just released by Gameloft on the Appstore and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

To install this application you need about 800 MB, but Thor is downloadable for free from the AppStore.

Published by Gameloft, Thor: The Dark World will allow you to play the god of thunder in a desperate attempt to fight Malekith, the lord of the dark elves and old enemy of Asgard, who is leading an invasion to destroy the Nine Worlds.

Thor: The Dark World is a sort of reverse Tower Defense, in fact, contrary to what happens in a TD game, you will have to to conduct attacks towards the enemy base.

During the gameplay you can directly control Thor, being able to perform free taps on the screen to move your character and attack enemies.

You’ll have to train legendary Asgardians, such as Sif, Heimdall and the Three Warriors.

In addition you can summon 7 different types of Einherjar.

Thor: The Dark World provides 90 exciting missions, each of which also includes secondary objectives to be accomplished.

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App Price: Free!

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