Do you like adventures? Do you like puzzles? Then Evil Sudoku is the game for you.  There are a few games which has a theme attached to it. A few games are set to help you work more towards the goal of winning. You will be provided with a few rescues to help you move ahead in the game.
It is compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

John Doe is a journalist who had previously reported the possible causes of a disaster happened at a “Ring of Time” company’s Research Institute.

According to articles written by Doe (you, the hero), the company had started manipulate time causing uncontrollable consequences.
The journalist, suspicious of such restrictive measures then returns to to the disaster site searching for irrefutable evidence, in an attempt to block the operations of “Ring of Time.”

You will go forward through the predetermined paths, where in each screen you will find the items required in order to continue in the game and unlock the many twists and turns present.

The various settings can be enlarged with a traditional pinch-to-zoom as is the case for the photos, in order to look in detail for the requested items.

Unlike many puzzle-games, Time Trap fully engages users thanks to a nice plot full of twists and turns and events in a truly immersive atmosphere, typical of a post-apocalyptic thriller.

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App Price:  $0.99

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