Timegg Pro is a free application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it is a really simple App dedicated to the timer function, a function already available by default in iOS system, but having the best is always good.

Available only in an English version, the various functions are easy to understand thanks to a simple graphical interface, very well done.

Among the many functions we want to remember:

– Alarm: you can set up to a maximum of 8 alarms with customizable sounds, by choosing one among those available, or by choosing a song from those present in your music library.

– Function Reminder: a very interesting function is the reminder.

Here you can select the time, day, week or month to remind you periodically a certain thing you set.

In this case, the sound can not be customized with tracks in the library but only with those proposed by Timegg Pro.

– Timer function: This is the classic customizable timers function up to 24 hours and with a GUI alternative.
You can assign a name to each of the 8 timers set and also choose a custom music track from your iPhone music library.

– Function D-Day: save up to a maximum of 8 events such as birthdays, name days and more by setting the date to remember.

You can decide whether to be notified the day before, 7 days before or 15 days earlier.
Once you have set everything, you will see the remaining days for each event in the event store.

– Music Timer: excellent for those who like to fall asleep listening to the music on your iPhone.
Set the timer, choose your favorite music from the list and click “Play”.
When the timer reaches its end, the music will stop automatically.

– World Clock: allows you to set up to 8 different international clocks.
Timegg Pro for iPhone, iPad and iPod therefore, is a very interesting App that I recommend.

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