As you know, the default SMS application on iOS is very functional but over the years has not introduce substantial innovations and there are still some flaws, the biggest of them is definitely the lack of the possibility to erase quickly the text just written.

The pre-set way to remove the text written in fact is not very convenient and fast, but now thanks to a new Cydia Tweak you can make everything easier on your iDevices.

It is Triple Tap to Clear, that introduces the ability to delete a message by doing three simple taps.

To delete texts on iOS requires much patience, in fact if they are long, to be canceled, it will take too much time because pressing “Backspace” key repeatedly, you will delete the words one by one, holding it down instead, the system will delete the words one by one .

Another method to erase what you have written is selecting all the text by double-clicking on it and then pressing the “Select All” to delete what is selected.

Now thanks to Triple Tap to Clear  you can have a new alternative solution to clear our messages while they are being written, in fact, just perform a simple triple tap inside the field of typing, your text will be removed completely.

Triple Tap to Clear is available for Free from the ModMyi repository that found by default on Cydia, to install this Tweak you need to have a Jailbroken iDevice such as iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

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