TypingPrivacy is a new Tweak for jailbroken iDevices that allows you to hide typing of text to protect the “privacy” of iPhone users.
iMessage is the instant messaging service developed by Apple, completely free and present natively on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac OS X Lion
Mountain , iMessage allows you to share text, images and video (via Mac other files) with your friends easily and fast.
An interesting feature of iMessage (also present in WhatsApp) is the ability to check in real time if a message has been read or not, a function that can be
enabled or disabled by the user.
What instead, if desired, can not be disabled, is the visualization of three dots that indicate that the recipient of your message can see that you are
replying to the conversation.
However, thanks to this new Cydia Tweak, users with a jailbroken iOS device can also disable this feature of iMessage.
So if you do not want the recipient of your message can view the three points that indicate your writing text in progress, TypingPrivacy is the Tweak that is
right for you.
This Tweak adds a new option in the Settings> Messages that allows you to set the display of symbol of typing in progress.
In addition to work with the native application Messaging TypingPrivacy has been tested successfully in Apps like BiteSMS, and IntelliScreenX Messages +.
After you install TypingPrivacy will not be added any icon to the Home of your iDevice.
You can buy TypingPrivacy from the Cydia Store for $ 0.99.
This Tweak in question requires iMessage and then a minimum version of iOS which corresponds to 5.0 (or later).

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