Viber is a very interesting application that allows users to make calls and exchange messages in a totally free.
It appears between your contacts who are registered Viber and you can talk and chat with them.
The graphics in this application is very simple and intuitive, the sections of which is composed Viber are:

– Favorites: see here your favorite contacts
– Recents: history of your recent calls
– Contacts: here are your phone contacts and you can also invite they to register for Viber with a simple message.
– Keyboard: displays a telephone keypad with the classic graphics of the iPhone keyboard.
– More: different functions such as sharing on Facebook, About and Settings.

With these functions Viber is certainly a direct competitor of Skype, which, however, offers the added feature of video calling.
Viber is characterized by ease of use and speed of execution of each action.

App Price: Free!    

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