Thanks to VisualBudget, a business app, now you can always check all the money coming in and out.
VisualBudget consists of five main sections:
Transactions: Transactions are listed clearly indicating the reason and the amount (+ or -) and you see a final budget.
Category: The app gives you a lot of random (sports, dog, transport, office, holidays etc …) thanks to which you can store all your spending.
Overview: great section where you can see graphs and tables about the performance of your budget and you can select the time period to be analyzed in the graphs. E ‘can also create reports in PDF format.
Account: VisualBudget allows you to control different accounts and therefore multiple budgets.
Settings: This section applies FAQs, tips, contacts, Reviews and the real settings, such as security codes and graphical changes of the app.

App Price: Free !          

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