If you need to write a long message but have difficulty using the keyboard because you have your hands full, Voice SMS with Voice Contact is the App for you.

A simple gesture will be enough to start recording and the only thing you need to do is start dictating text.

When you start Voice SMS with Voice Contact for iPhone, you will be asked to select a language and you will see immediately the very simple screen containing only the essential: a large central button to start voice recognition.

In the upper left corner there is the Settings panel from where you can activate several functions, at the top right you will find the button to change the dictation language.

Voice SMS with Voice Contact allows you to save as many as 10 contacts in your “Favorites”, so you do not have to manually search it.

From the Settings panel, as mentioned earlier, you can activate various options, such as “Detect end of speech” and “Auto Start“.

You can also:
– Disable the reading voice
– Add 10 contacts from the address book for the rapid SMS sending
– Change language
– Read the instructions

Voice SMS with Voice Contact is then a simple, beautiful and efficient App for iPhone!

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App Price:  Free!

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