VoiceChanger is an iPhone Tweak that probably many of you have been waiting for.

Thanks to this software, in fact, the user can change his voice during a call by increasing or decreasing the tone of voice.

VoiceChanger is a new iPhone tweak, designed for all those who love the jokes!

You can change your voice during the call.

This Tweak is absolutely the first software of its kind and the only one to allow you to record in real time the voice during a call.

But how VoiceChanger does work?

The tweak alters your voice while you’re talking on the phone: of course you will hear the voices as they really are, however the other person hears a different voice, which can be rather different from the original ones.

The audio is then processed while the user is talkingand you can switch between the normal mode and another altered at any time.

In the current version, VoiceChanger includes five different types of vocal effects preset.

To better understand the operation of VoiceChanger, we invite you to take a look at the video demonstration of this tweak made ​​by Elias Limneos, creator and developer of this exciting program.


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App Price:  Free!

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