Wake N Shake Alarm Clock, have you ever heard?

It is one of the most curious available on the App Store at the moment.

With Wake N Shake Alarm Clock you do not have to worry about setting 2 or 3 separate alarms, in fact your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch will not stop ringing until you shake it as hard as possible!

Of course there are no buttons to mute the ringtone and there is not even the possibility to decrease the volume level!

Practically it will leave you with a very little desire to go back to bed.

This version also has a delightful social aspect, you can compete with your friends and become the king / queen of the awakening of the week, accumulating points using this App.

Who wakes up and turns off the alarm first, gets more points.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock offers 24 different ringtones suited to wake up as you prefer.

In addition to being very efficient, Wake N Shake Alarm Clock offers very nice graphics, minimalist and elegant in every detail.

With more than 100,000 downloads made is definitely an App not to be missed, hurry up and download it!

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App Price:  $1.99

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