Waze, the famous application dedicated to GPS navigation, social and totally free, has introduced the voice prompts spoken by American stars.

It is a very important novelty, that will make the use of this application even more attractive.

Waze after the acquisition by Google, is teaming up with Universal Pictures to bring the voice navigation with sentences spoken by the actor Kevin Hart.

Soon many other celebrities will be contacted!

To test the new voice introduced in Waze, just go to the audio settings in Waze and select “Ride Along”, the name of the last movie with the actor.

Waze is a social service available completely free of charge, which introduced a new concept for GPS navigation via iOS devices.

This GPS navigator for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is in fact based on interactive and social mechanisms, using real-time alerts sent by the users so as to avoid the traffic and improving the driving experience.

Drivers can interact each other while driving by sending, as already mentioned, information on road routes and about the traffic intensity.

Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic provides voice-based search for addresses and places in 45 languages​​!

This iPhone software is fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook.

Waze also combines the playful aspect to the social functions: driving many miles will accumulate points and go up in rank.

In addition, you can sign up to Foursquare and unlock the “distinctive” Road Warrior.

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App Price: Free!

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