Where is my Phone?
This is a question that many times we wonder, but this time will be the phone to respond to call up attention to himself.
When you have missed out on the pockets of jackets, purses in the closet or somewhere, just do a whistle!
As soon as the device detects the whistleit begins to play a pre-setted sound by you, in fact you can choose from more than 30 ringtones offered by the application or you record any sound and set it to “Where is my Phone?“.
The great thing about this application is that it works even when the app is closed (multitasking mode without consuming battery) and is not limited just to vibration, so your device will always be accessible.
As a second feature to this app you can think of to use it to trick your friends by setting off the ring tone from a distance, since it contains one of the ringtones farts, burps, animal noises, etc. …
Your iPhone can detect your whistle at a distance of more than 10 meters.

Reached the Top 10 of over 12 countries, Including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Taiwan, China, etc..

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