The famous saga of the game “Where’s my water?” made by Disney is enriched with a new game aviable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
This time comes the Disney character par excellence: Mickey Mouse.

The protagonist in Where’s My Mickey is Mickey Mouse, busy with hundreds of levels and puzzles to solve with all of the management of water flows, respecting the physical laws and the traditional game mechanics.

For this occasion Mickey is represented with the original look, seen in the early Disney cartoons: Mickey Mouse is the star of many new animations, offered by the App, to which the user must actively contribute to solving various puzzles to bring water where needed ,only in this way will be possible to admire the fun end of each sketch.

The game and the animations are inspired by the new series made by Disney!

The game involves the use of some elements, such as wind, clouds and other mechanisms to carry water into the tank.

During the 100 levels available in the application will be able to meet the other characters such as Pluto and Goofy in order to unlock the bonus levels.

Remember that iPad version includes 20 levels XL with additional graphics and puzzles, perfectly suited for the big screen in this feature cuis ono iDevice.

Where’s My Mickey? requires iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPad 2 or newer devices.


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App Price:  $0.99

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