“Where’s My Water?” by Disney is an App available for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and is a complex and enjoyable puzzle game based on physical laws.

If you’re a strategist and you love puzzle games, Where’s My Water? you will surely like it.
As in most traditional puzzle games will require a lot of concentration and patience to complete all missions.
The protagonist in this game is Swampi, an alligator in the sewers relegated and who desperately need your help.

Swampi is spiteful and loves to take a shower and you must help it to get enough water from the pipes of the sewers that are really clogged.
Try to guess the best route and dig dragging your finger on the screen.
The small reptile will be grateful!

In Where’s My Water? you have to be clever to accumulate points, collecting ducks, discovering secret items to gain bonus points and be always alert to constant dangers that could jeopardize the success in the game.
More than 200 levels, quite complicated, especially if you want to finish them perfectly.

Where’s My Water? is very similar to the more famous Cut The Rope due to the gameplay elements, good graphics and the jingle, really captivating.

The updates are available free of charge levels and this encourages even more to download this cute puzzle game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

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App Price: $0.99

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